10 Point Inspection Process

10 Point Inspection Process

"Never a Missing Button"Pre-inspection

Before we clean we:

1.  Read care labels
2.  Look for stains, tears and loose hems
3.  Process through various cleaning methods

Final Inspection

During final inspections we look for:

4.   Pressing
5.   Stains
6.   Missing Fashion Accessories
7.   Open Hems
8.   Loose threads
9.   Removed, Missing, Cracked, or Loose buttons*
10. Zippers operation as well as hook and eye

We make sure your garment is ready to wear!

*NEVER a Missing Button: We touch and apply pressure to every button. Not only do we say that there is NEVER a missing button, we track the results every week. And if you take a plant tour and find a missing button past the inspection line; we will donate $1,000 to a charity of your choice.

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